Hawaii Auto Transport

Where do I haul my vehicle from to get it to Hawaii?

In the United States, there are only four ports to get your vehicles into Hawaii.  These ports are located in Richmond, Long Beach, and San Diego,  CA and Seattle, WA.

How do I get my vehicle to one of the ocean ports to ship to Hawaii?

You can deliver the vehicle yourself, or have one of our auto transporters pick up your vehicle in the city where the vehicle is located in.

What do I need to provide for booking my vehicle to Hawaii?

Name, mailing address, physical and phone numbers of the shipper-the person for whom the vehicle is to be shipped. Name, mailing address, physical and phone numbers of the consignee- the person for whom the vehicle is shipping to. You need the following information to place a booking to Hawaii:  year, make, model, license plate number, color, and VIN number.

How do I obtain a booking to ship my vehicle?

At Diamond Express Transportation all you have to do is call one of our representatives and they will assist you with your booking. A booking number is required prior to delivery of your vehicle to the port.


What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, cahier’s check, money orders, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover will be accepted (PLEASE note, there is a 3% convenience fee for all credit card transactions).  Diamond Express does not accept personal checks or business checks.  Payment must be arranged prior to pick up.

What do I need to do to get my vehicle ready for transport to Hawaii?

All vehicles must have a clean exterior so that a vehicle condition report can be conducted at the port.  Cracked windshields or windows, damaged vehicles or dirty vehicles will NOT be accepted for shipment to Hawaii. Bring the current vehicle registration.

Can I ship anything inside my vehicle to Hawaii?

NO, the only items acceptable for shipping in your vehicle are those accessories normally attached to the vehicle, or permanently installed in the dash, doors, deck, or console.

How much gas should be in my vehicle when shipping it?

ONLY ¼ tank of gas or less.  If the vehicle has more than a ¼ tank of gas the port will not accept the vehicle.  In some cases the port will drain the fuel for an additional charge.  U.S. Coast Guard regulation 176.905 requires that fuel tanks on all motor vehicles carried on a vessel may not be more than ¼ full.

How long does it take for my vehicle to get to Hawaii?

Once loaded onto the vessel the ocean time is approximately five days. The port takes an additional 5-7 days to unload all of the ships.  The vessel unloads on a first-come, first-serve basis upon arrival of your vehicle to the port after check in.  Customer service at the destination port will call you when your vehicle is ready for pickup.

How long can I leave my vehicle at the port once it arrives in Hawaii?

Once your vehicle has been off-loaded, customer service at the port of arrival will call you when your vehicle is ready for pickup. The state of Hawaii will allow five days to pick up your vehicle.  After five days there is a storage charge of $35.00 per day.